Clinic Topics

Efficient Rehearsal Technique

More productive rehearsals result from careful problem solving and efficient use of time from the warm-up to the conclusion of the rehearsal. Emphasis is placed on the Gestalt approach and how to create a rewarding performance experience for the players.

Selecting Viable Literature

The subject here is guidelines for identifying worthwhile music from the artistic and educational points of view. Careful attention will be given to both technical and aesthetic aspects of material that will lead to successful performance.

Best of Both Worlds—A Band/Orchestra Director

This explores techniques which allow the wind/percussion major to work successfully with orchestras. Discussed are the basic concepts of tone production, bowing design, and careful doubling that lead to successful ensembles.

Effective Warm-Up Techniques

These are strategies that will take less than 10 minutes and efficiently prepare the students for an intense rehearsal. They include musical, physical, and mental exercises that will make the most of rehearsal time.

Re-Scoring for Band/Orchestra

This covers the basic principles in customizing pieces to the members of the ensemble. Included are instrumental doubling and reinforcement of lines, along with ideas that will allow the ensemble to maximize its performance capabilities.

Impress the Judges—Get Higher Contest Scores

How do you have your ensemble make a positive impression in contest situations? Keys are selecting the best literature, proper set-up, and the avoidance of the most common performance pitfalls.

Orchestra—It’s all About Sound

We’ll discuss the basic concepts of string performance that will give your ensemble that professional quality, even at the lower grade levels.

Effective Conducting Technique—Ballet in Reverse

In this clinic we’ll explore the physical, musical, and mental aspects of effective conducting. Included are suggestions to help you communicate your ideas through gesture and artistic approach.

Reading Sessions—Band/Orchestra


Ten Easy, Immediate Improvements for Your Band or Orchestra

This clinic covers basic ways in which to make your band or orchestra sound better quickly and effectively. These basic concepts are not difficult to include in your program and will lead to positive results.

You’ve Taught Them the Notes—Now Teach Them the Music

The next level of performance can only be achieved when your ensemble goes beyond technical accomplishment. The aesthetic and emotional aspects of a performance are discussed with specific suggestions toward achieving the goal of truly artistic playing.

What to Do If Your Administrators Hate You!

This clinic focuses on how to earn critical support from all of your administrators. Successful programs have characteristics that translate into a good working relationship with administrators, parents and colleagues.